5 Best Sanders for Furniture Refinishing in 2021 – Get Impeccable Finishing with Ease

best sanders for furniture

Waiting for a carpenter to do petty furnishing jobs and paying them large chunks of money is just misspending. Instead of relying on them, why not do it yourself with the best sander for furniture and the right ideas?

Choosing the right sander is pretty tricky. What use is it to go down to the store if all you know is “I have to buy a sander”?

You can’t just buy the storekeeper’s product and pray that it is the perfect one. You should have a precise knowledge of what sander you should need. So here we are, providing the insights which will come in handy while deciding.

For instance, a specific sander might work the best and give good results with a particular material only. Your job of getting a flawless finishing becomes simple in selecting the perfect sander. We have reviewed five of the best sanders for furniture to help you out. Each product, indeed, provides you with different beneficial features.

5 Best Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

I’m covering every product’s features straight to the point. In other words, It will help you decide which sander to buy accurately. Therefore, it makes a complex task relatively simple for you.

Makita BO4556K – Best small sander for furniture

Makita BO4556K - Best small sander for furniture

If you’re in a worry about the noise that comes with a sander of top-performance. Therefore here is the perfect product for you. Specifically, it ensures excellent results with minimal noise and disturbance.

This product is becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of applications, That is to say. It is the best choice for a small sander to use for refinishing furniture. Indeed, the sander is a highly reliable product featuring a 2 Amp motor with 14000 OPM for quick and excellent finishing. Furthermore, it includes a switch sealed with rubber. As a result, it provides high durability and a perfect ball bearing construction with reduced vibrations.

You can work comfortably without having to worry about disturbing your family and your neighborhood. Moreover, working with this product is also convenient with the rubber grip provided. It has double-insulation and ensures a cleaner work surrounding, thanks to the effective pad dust collection system.

The on/off switch at a convenient location to make it easier to operate with a single-hand. Additionally, a large clamping lever facilitates a quick and easy paper installation. Just follow the instructions provided, and you will see how easy and safe working with this sander is.

  • Quiet and dust-free operation with an effective dust-collector
  • High operational speed of 14000 OPM
  • Rubberized grip for comfortable control
  • Quick changing of sandpaper with the lever
  • Provided with only a single speed setting

DEWALT DWE6411K- Best sander to use for refinishing furniture

Finding a sander with combined features of a powerful motor and a quicker dust management system might be quite rare. Here’s a sander serving both purposes. Further, it eliminates the problem of high vibrations.

The DWE6411K Dewalt has a high operational speed of 14000 OPM with a 2.3 Amp motor. Therefore, it ensures a smoothing finishing. It facilitates easy and comfortable sanding with the rubber over-mold texture. Above all, it also features an improved clamping system to provide a high grip to the sandpaper. To help you to lock the vacuum-cleaner hose with the sander, it has an improvised dust-port system.

A unique feature is the sander’s reduced height, enabling the user to work closely with the product. This sander includes a foam pad providing a flat sanding plane and a counterweight, ensuring minimized vibrations. And most importantly, a rubber dust boot is there for the protection of the switch.

DWE6411K Dewalt is a product that comes with a wide range of features proving beneficial to the users. Indeed, it is the best small sander for furniture. 

  • Potent 2.0 Amp motor with 14000 OPM
  • Minimal vibrations
  • connects with vacuum cleaner
  • Handling the dust bag can be quite tricky

Bosch GSS20-40 – Best electric sander for furniture

Firstly, worry less about the uncomforting vibrations further work efficiently to get professional quality finishing. In other words, This sander ensures the prolonged life of the product and convenience by providing reduced vibrations.

The Bosch GSS20-40 Orbital Finishing Sander ensures even-sanding. It comes with an increased life with a precise aluminum sanding plate. The sander’s motor is highly effective with 2.0 Amp and  12000 OPM, delivering reliable and the best results.

It features a low-vibration system to enhance user comfort. Furthermore, it incorporates a micro-filter dust canister with a screw-off cap for fine dust collection. The electric sander includes a firm and a soft grip for easy handling a dust-pad group for a neat working environment.

Above all, what makes it unique is the small vibrations compared to similar products, ensuring a long life. Moreover, it is the best electric sander for furniture if you’re looking for a clean operation as it collects dust to the finest particles.

Give a professional touch to your furniture finishing with Bosch GSS20-40 Orbital Finishing Sander. Subsequently, experience exceptional user-comfort with fast and smooth working.

  • Fewer vibrations
  • Efficient dust-collector system
  • Provision for a comfortable and soft grip
  • less productive for high-speed applications

Bosch OS50VC – Best hand sander for refinishing furniture

Do you need a potent motor with a variable speed feature in your sander?

The sander allows a high-speed operation while providing your furniture a finishing?

This product is the right match for you. That is to say, the best hand sander for refinishing furniture.

The Bosch OS50VC Electric Orbital Sander incorporates a robust 3.4 Amp. Most importantly, the provision to adjust to a speed matches your task from a range of 8000-11,000 OPMs. The control suspension system provides the most outstanding comfort delivering minimal vibrations. Consequently, the aluminum gear-housing ensures the prolonged life of the product.

 Firstly, The ergonomic soft grips assure decreased stress. Further, it also helps eliminate vibrations. The sander holds the sandpaper firm and tight with the supreme system for sandpaper attachment.

 The dust collection system is also integrated with a paper-filter and a screw-off cap. As a result, it helps in adequate particle accumulation. Besides, it has the facility to connect to a vacuum, allowing efficient and easy dust extraction.

To sum up, if you’re willing to invest a bit high on your sander for a powerful working, the Bosch OS50VC Electric Orbital Sander is the right choice.

  • Fast and powerful motor
  • Flexible speed control
  • Effective dust collection system
  • Minimized vibrations
  • Slightly expensive


Makita BO5041K – Best sander for shabby furniture

Suppose you’ve got some severe sanding to do. The wood requires a powerful sander working with a high variable speed.

If you are thinking, what is the best sander for furniture?

This product is the right match for you. The product can cut short your work of sanding the shabby furniture. As a result, it decreases your effort and time.

The Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit provides a combination of power, speed, and accurate finishing. It can oscillate between 4000 to 12,000 OPMs with a 3 Amp motor. Besides, it features an ergonomic rubberized palm grip for comfortable handling.

Thanks to the large 2-finger trigger switch, you can work for a continuous period with comfort. Moreover, the adjustable end of the front handle facilitates sanding in places that are difficult to reach. Also, the equipped pad dust collection system provides a cleaner work environment. The oversized ball bearing construction provides a prolonged life period for the sander.

In short, Breathe life into your furniture using the powerful Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit. It is worth every penny if you need more power for your work. Thought, It may seem out of budget, for instance.

  • Equipped with a powerful 3.0 Amp motor
  • Efficient pad dust collection system
  • Effective at hard to reach places
  • Cost is a bit high

The Ultimate Buying Guide to Choose the Best Sander for Furniture

There is nothing that can beat an electrical sander for exceptional furnishing results. Hand sanding goes only so far until small furnishing objects are involved.

Sanders is now widely used for domestic applications, unlike the old-time in which they have only industrial applications. So, Instead of investing money in professional help from carpenters, the sanders allow users to achieve results to the same level.

Choosing the sander perfect for your job could be quite tricky. If not done right, the whole purpose of using a sander could prove to be harmful instead of useful. There are sanders with more power and less power, in high-budget and low-budget and of high-quality and low-quality.

You need to have the appropriate amount of required knowledge on the product’s features and a clear idea of what sander is best for furniture. We have reviewed the five best sanders for furniture, providing you useful insights on the features, price, and power ranges to help you.

Purpose of buying a sander

The sanders are used in furniture making and refinishing. They help get excellent results on metals, wood and varnishes, smoothed concrete, paint and decoration, carbon fiber, and fiberglass composites. Moreover, they achieve outstanding finishing, which brings back damaged furniture to life. Cabinetry making is another purpose of a sander. While furniture making involves free-standing pieces, cabinetry making involves firm, interlocking, and built-in components.

The electric sanders help in staircase building, which requires great effort and powerful tools. Power sanders also make easy the job of toy manufacturing for the fine finishing of the equipment.

Uses of Sanders

  • Floor smoothing: Hand sanding is widely used for this purpose
  • Metal industry: To nuanced, polished, mirror shine or other surfaces the desired finishing and eliminate discolorations
  • Aeronautical industry: To repair and manufacture outdoor structures
  • Automotive sector: For fixing the damages which occur during the paintings of the vehicles
  • Wood– To free the surfaces from fibers, on the other hand, sanding is the final step, which is done to achieve a glossy finishing.
  • Composite sector- To clear the products from any defects subsequently for smooth and impeccable finishing.

Types of Sanders

It is essential to know and have a brief knowledge of the different types of Sanders, their purposes, and features for selecting the perfect one. In other words, It is not as easy as choosing one and hoping that it would be the right one.

Here are a few types of sanders and their brief description to give you an idea of the best sander for furniture.

Belt Sander

The belt sander is the most common tool in any modern workshop and features a sanding belt wrapped around two drums. The front drum has free movement while the rear drum is motorized. A lever facilitates quick changing of the straps. Above all,  They are available in different sizes, power, and control and are ideal for removing paint or varnish from wood.

Detail Sander

The detail sander features a triangular pad using self-adhesive sandpaper. It is a variant of the orbital sander. It allows to work precisely and comes with multiple attachments. The shape of this sander facilitates comfortable working in places that are hard to reach. Therefore, They are most commonly used for corner fittings around tight spots.

Disc Sander

It is an uncommon type of sander which is generally used as an attachment for drills. Once added to the power drill, the round disc undergoes a spinning movement. A different type of sander is a mounted version that uses a wheel instead of a disc and has an increased surface area. Therefore, the disc’s rotation gives a perfect finishing to the edges and is often used on plastics and metal for smoothing.

Orbital Sander

The orbital sander is alternatively known as a pad sander, palm sander, circular sander, or a finishing sander.  It provides the user with the comfort of using with a single hand and excellent handling. It features two spring-loaded clamps on the flat-square sanding surface to hold the sandpaper. As a result, This sander is often used for ultimate finishing, removing and rounding sharp edges, and achieving an extra smooth result. This sander is not suitable for heavy removal works due to its light-weight body and gentle movement.

Oscillating Spindle Sander (OSS)

It is a type of mounted sander with a drum protruding from a table or a bench. The user’s surface comes in contact with the drum as the sander runs, removing the grooves and achieving a smooth distribution.  They are also available in various sizes. Some of the models have an extra feature of turning the drum into a belt sander. This tool works the best on curved surfaces and can angle the table by up to 45 degrees.

Random Orbital Sander

The random orbital sander is similar in design to the orbital sander but has a round pad instead of the square one, spinning in circles. They are available in different sizes and designs. On the other hand, provide the facility of a single hand using.

It is used as an all-rounder sander that serves both belt sander and orbital sander functions less efficiently. Thus the sander can be used for removing stocks and extra-smooth sanding.

Drum Sander

A floor drum sander is a potent and heavy type of sander. Therefore, It is advised to use with utmost care because of the amount of power. These are used like lawnmowers to erase paint and other undesirable materials.  It is usually taken for rent and requires at least two people for its operation.

File Sander

These are either powered by electricity or air and can fit into even the closest places. They are usually used in applications involving areas where you may not use sandpaper effectively.

Safety Precautions while using Sanders

The utmost care and safety measures should be taken while working with a sander. So, here are some precautions which you must follow for safe working.

  • You should always check the sander’s condition before using it. That is to say,  containing all the insulations and protection.
  • Always work in a posture that does not cause much harm and stress to your body.
  • Firstly never force the sander to work. Further, it is highly advised to stop in case of visible damage and excessive heating.
  • Protect your eyes with glasses to avoid dust and other harmful particles entering into them.
  • Wear a mask for nasal protection to avoid inhaling the dust produced, which might cause serious health issues.
  • Wear anti-vibration gloves for hand protection while working with the sander.
  • Above all, Always make sure that the piece on which you are working is fixed and stable.
  • Never blow the dust generated and vacuum it simultaneously if this feature is not provided in your sander.
  • Most importantly, disconnect the sander from the electric supply while replacing the accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other accessories are provided in the product apart from the sander?

It depends on the manufacturer. Many of the sanders come along with a dust bag. So, Check the features and the product details for this information before buying.

Can you use an orbital sander on wooden surfaces?

If your work requires precise details and close attention, it is possible to use an orbital sander on wood. Yet, a highly powered belt sander is recommended for large and rough wooden surfaces.

Can you use an electric sander on walls?

Most of the electric sanders is drywall and dustless. Using an electric drywall sander saves time and provides high power while working on ceilings and walls compared to a manual sander.


Sanding could be a tedious and stressful job if not done right. There are excellent tools to help you work quickly and easily. You have to choose between similar sanders wisely so that your work can be perfect with excellent results. We hope that the information provided added to your knowledge and our top five picks help you in getting impeccable finishing and smooth surfaces.

Did you know that after house and car, the next likely thing people make a high investment on is upholstery and furniture? So spend right if you’re going to spend more. Let us know your views about our review.

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