Best Grease Guns – A Comprehensive Review

Best Grease Guns – A Comprehensive Review

Do you need to lubricate your machinery and vehicles? Lubrication is one of the best ways to maintain the functionalities of your machines. You can invest in a grease gun to lubricate different parts, including the bearings and fittings. Restore the moving parts of your vehicle and other mechanical systems with proper lubrication.

Lots of hobbyists, mechanics, and engineers like to buy a grease gun to lubricate mechanical components. Under high pressure, the grease gun can make it easy to apply grease to the desired parts of your vehicle. However, buying a good grease gun may be confusing for first-time buyers.

We have analyzed each of the products by checking the hose length, flow rate, cartridge capacity, battery quality, and other factors. Our detailed review will help you to make the right decision on the grease gun.

Although grease guns mostly have industrial applications, you can purchase them for your DIY workshop. A simple comparison of these tools will enable you to pick the top-rated grease gun. Read our reviews to find the best grease gun.

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Top 9 Grease Guns Comparison

ProductTypeHose lengthFlow rate
DEWALT DCGG571M1 20V MAX Cordless Grease GunBattery operated42 inches5 oz/min.
Milwaukee M18 2-Speed Grease Gun-Battery operated48 inches10 oz/min.
Ryobi P3410 18V Volt Cordless Grease Gun-Battery operated30 inches7.5 oz/min
Ingersoll Rand LUB5130 Battery operated30 inches2.6 oz/min
Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty PneumaticPneumatic17 inches40 oz/stroke.
Astro Pneumatic Tool 101Pneumatic18 inches
DEWALT DCGG571B grease gunBattery operated42 inches5 oz per min 
Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2446-20 M12   Battery operated 36 inches2.6 oz. per min.
Alemite 596-B1 20-Volt Cordless Grease Gun Kit  Battery operated18 inches4 to 6oz per minute  

1. DEWALT DCGG571M1 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun – Best long-lasting battery-operated grease gun

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

Dewalt is one of the highly reliable brands known for manufacturing cordless tools. We have chosen Dewalt DCGG571M1 as one of the high-end grease guns. When you are looking for the best cordless grease gun, you can grab this product for your needs. Dewalt Cordless Grease Gun 20V is available with all the essential features needed to grease your vehicle and other machines. You need to use MAX* XR premium Li-ion battery to operate the grease gun.


  • Design– The industry-grade tool has a high build quality that endures rough environments. Manufacturers have added a glass fiber reinforced plastic shell. However, to secure other internal parts, they have used die-cast magnesium. There is a bright LED light at the front end, and you will not encounter a problem while working in dark rooms.
  • Performance– With a hose of about 42 inches, you will find it easy to reach into any spot. There are spring guards integrated with the hose, which works at about 10,000 PSI. Moreover, they can protect the hose from damage and pinching issues. The high-performance motor continues its function, although there are clogged grease fittings. The average flow rate is about 5oz/min, and you need to press the trigger. To control the grease flow speed into your fitting, the manufacturer has added a pressure-sensitive potentiometer. By pressing the trigger further, you will find more flow.
  • Bright light
  • Includes air bleeder valve for easy pump priming
  • A filter screen to prevent clogs
  • Batteries not included in the package

Overall, we have found the tool with a rugged design and quality fasteners. The best fact is that the system can retain its power capacity of up to 16 cartridges. You can buy this grease gunto grease up your industrial snow blowers, trailers, trucks, and other vehicles. Check to know its price.

2. Milwaukee M18 2-Speed Grease Gun – Best Battery Grease Gun

Milwaukee M18 2-Speed Grease Gun - Best Battery Grease Gun

Milwaukee is another prominent name in the field of designing tools for professional mechanics. With the 2-speed power settings and a high-quality 18V rechargeable, Milwaukee 2646-20 is the best battery grease gun.


  • Design– Milwaukee has created a thoughtful design for this best battery-operated grease gun. With a hose length of about 48 inches, you can reach tight zones. This versatile hose is better than the standard hose, which has a stiff design.  The system includes an air bleeder valve that prevents air pockets and removes pressure on your gun. The durable gun design ensures fast priming, and thus, you can load the gun without loosening the barrel threads.

Moreover, Milwaukee has strategically positioned the LED light on the top part of the nozzle. In some cases, two mechanics are needed to lubricate hard-to-reach fittings. However, you can operate the best Milwaukee grease gun with one of your hands due to the LED light.

  • Performance– The performance standard of M18 has pleased both first-timers and professional mechanics. You can use the gun for several hours with no interruption. The highest operating pressure of the grease gun is 10,000 PSI. The vehicle maintenance professionals can apply the right amount of grease using this tool. Due to the 2-speed design, you can choose the right flow rate and pressure level. The flow rate of the grease gun can be up to 10 oz/min.
  • Easy to recharge the battery
  • Solid construction
  • Includes a high-quality hose
  • Ergonomic design with a shoulder strap
  • Intense pressure may damage sealed bearings

The consistent battery performance has pleased us, and that’s why we have picked M18 as one of the best products on our list. A fully charged battery enables you to grease up the gun for several hours. You can rely on it for more than one lubrication job. Moreover, mechanics, who need to deal with dump trucks, look for light grease guns. Milwaukee M18 is the perfect choice for them. The unique features of this grease gun model are the plunger rod and the lock-on/lock-off trigger. Check to know its price.

3. Ryobi P3410 18V Volt Cordless Grease Gun – Best low-priced Cordless Grease Gun

Ryobi P3410 18V Volt Cordless Grease Gun - Best low-priced Cordless Grease Gun

DIY enthusiasts always look for a cheap grease gun without compromising quality. That is why we have chosen Ryobi P3410 for their needs. Although Ryobi is one of the latest brands to manufacture grease guns, you will find its products highly reliable. Check price from


  • Design– Ryobi has created a rock-solid spring-loaded design with a highly resilient canister. However, while greasing any component, you have to bleed out the air using the bleeder valve. It is essential to push against the rod coming out of the system. While checking the design, we have found a lock-off control. This control ensures that the grease will not squirt out and come out of the system easily. The trigger locking system prevents accidental pushes and the resulting mess. The integrated cartridge capacity is about 14.5 oz.

Like other reliable models, the grease gun includes an LED light on its front side. You can continue working with the mechanical parts in low-light conditions.

  • Performance– While talking about the performance, we need to mention the hose size. The 30″ hose is handy for most of the purposes. Although the length is shorter than that of other high-end models, you will find it versatile. The hose also includes strain-relief springs and clamps that will help you for better storage.

The grease gun works with about 10,000 PSI speeds, and we think it is perfect for dealing with the wheel bearing seals. The flow rate of the grease is about 7.5 oz/min.

  • Steel grease tube
  • No setup needed
  • Included plunger rod markings
  • The grease pumping rate is fast

Overall, Ryobi P3410 has pleased us with its standard hose size, cartridge capacity. You need only a single 4Ah18V battery to operate the device for your vehicles’ regular lubrication. RyobiP3410 continues working up to 17 cartridges of grease. One of the most advantageous features of this best and cheap grease gun is the plunger rod markings that enable you to find the grease leftover in your gun.

4. Ingersoll Rand LUB5130 – Best Cordless Grease Gun for perfect operating pressure

Ingersoll Rand LUB5130 - Best Cordless Grease Gun for perfect operating pressure

The LUB5130 20V Ingersoll Rand cordless grease gun is one of the latest additions to the IQV20 Series. The innovative tool working with high-quality batteries can retain its performance for long hours. It is easy to operate the model and apply grease to your fittings. We have chosen the device for those who are looking for ergonomic and durable tools for greasing purposes.


  • Design– Manufacturers have focused on ergonomics and comfort to design the cordless grease gun. You will not feel fatigued, as LUB5130 is a lightweight tool of about 7.2lbs. Moreover, the over-molded grip is one of the notable features of this grease gun. As the best electric grease gun, it ensures comfort for every user. The molded grip prevents vibration problems. The overall model is highly durable and needs less maintenance in the harsh environment. The chemical-resistant and impact-resistant rugged housing ensures a lasting life.
  • Performance– With a hose of about 30 inches, you can lubricate most of your mechanical fittings. Furthermore, the 3-way load system can make your task easier. You can choose Cartridge, Bulk, and Suction methods to load the gun. The operating pressure can reach up to 6,250 PSI, and the flow rate is 2.6oz. per minute. Although this pressure level is lower than that of the other models, you will find it useful. You will find a perfect combination of the flow rate and the operating pressure. The system can work effectively for your clogged fittings.
  • Highly durable metal build
  • Long-lasting motor
  • Ergonomic grip
  • No vibration issue
  • Slow working

With a cartridge capacity of about 14 oz, the greasegun has become a popular choice for lots of mechanical engineers. Use a quality battery to operate the gun effectively for long hours.

5. Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic – Best fully automatic grease gun for heavy equipment

Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic - Best fully automatic grease gun for heavy equipment

If you are looking for the best grease gun for heavy equipment, you can invest in this product. The continuous and automatic operation and consistent grease flow have made this pneumatic model highly reliable. The air-powered system has a quality hose to make your task easier. In fact, Lincoln has offered everything that you need for proper lubrication. You will get heavy-duty pump controls, meters, and hose reels.


  • Design-Lincoln has used premium quality materials to design this pneumatic grease gun. The casting neck is short of ensuring a better flow of the grease to your piston. The manufacturer has tried to make this model unique with the high casting strength. You will also find an advanced combination of the filler nipple and vent valve. Moreover, as there is a rubber handle, you will feel it easy to grip the model without fatigue.
  • Performance– The best air grease gun can deliver grease at a pressure level of about 6,000 PSI. However, to control the grease flow rate, you can use the variable-speed trigger. Based on your needs, you can adjust the system by squeezing your finger. The whip hose length is about 30 inches, and you may easily manage the lubrication tasks. The highly accessible check valve simplifies your cleaning task, as you can remove the contaminated grease. Moreover, you may rely on the bulk filling technique with the air bleeder and filler coupler.
  • A time-tested design
  • Long hose length
  • Highly advanced automatic technology
  • No LED included in the design

You may rely on Lincoln to get a high-quality lubrication system. While you need to lubricate the heavy-duty machines, you can purchase this product. Maintenance professionals who deal with the lubrication process at the auto shop and construction site can buy this tool. Go to and know the price.

6. Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 – Best Mini Pneumatic Grease Gun

Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 - Best Mini Pneumatic Grease Gun

As it is a mini model, you can choose it for your home workshop. Lots of novices have chosen this pneumatic model when they buy the grease gun for the first time. Although this air-operated tool is small, it is highly sturdy and has an eye-catching design. You may use it for lubricating heavy machinery.


  • Design– The lightweight, compact design makes this best 3 oz grease gun easily controllable. The miniature size is best for storage at any place. The grease gun provides you with an efficient design without complications. Thus, you will have no problem operating the tool. Lubricate any part of your machine using this tool. Moreover, the metal construction ensures that your system will last long despite your regular uses.
  • Performance– You will find no issue with the performance standard of your grease gun. The gun has a small needle nozzle that is responsible for releasing the grease smoothly. You may also lubricate small spaces without causing much strain to your hand, shoulder, and backside. You can use one of your hands to operate the grease gun. The system has a capacity for holding 3oz of lubricant.
  • Easy to manage needle nozzle
  • Heavy-duty metal- No degradation
  • Simple, intuitive design
  • It takes time to clean the model

You can buy this pneumatic model for regular lubrication. You can fill the system easily with grease by taking out the top part. The grease gun has the potential to lubricate your machines and equipment.

7. DEWALT DCGG571B – Best Grease Gun for a long hose

DEWALT DCGG571B - Best Grease Gun for a long hose

Professionals in the auto body shop and mechanic shop have invested in this quality grease gun from Dewalt. Every day, you need to grease your truck and car bearings. Thus, to make this task simple, you can rely on the scientifically designed grease gun. Dewalt has used the latest technology to design this battery-operated grease gun.


  • Design– As one of the cordless grease guns, this model has a highly compact model. The hose length is about 42 inches, and the system integrates an LED on the front side. In dim light conditions, you can turn on the light to have high visibility. The cordless mold has a highly durable construction with a no-mar foot design. You can install the tool on a flat surface. There is also an air bleeder valve directly integrated into the system. Moreover, the pump filter screen helps in preventing the access of dirt to the system.
  • Performance– You need a 20V Max battery to operate the grease gun, and the pressure level can reach up to 10000 PSI. The grease flow rate is 5.0 oz per minute. Another notable feature related to performance is the variable speed trigger. You can manage the amount of greased dispersed from the system.
  • High-volume pump
  • Best for high-flow applications
  • Lightweight model
  • A battery split into two

Most of the users are pleased with the special design and performance of the grease gun. While pushing the grease into your equipment, the system does not produce noise. Thus, you may purchase the product as the best hand grease gun. Visit to check the price and battery-operated grease gun reviews.

8. Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2446-20 M12 – Best for heavy-duty applications

8. Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2446-20 M12 - Best for heavy-duty applications

Milwaukee is one of the top-rated brands manufacturing grease guns and other mechanical tools. The user-friendly grease gun with a reliable design has the best features to add grease to your vehicles and other components.


  • Design– Although Milwaukee 2446-20 M12 grease gun is a lightweight tool, it has an ergonomic and sturdy design. You can grip the handle comfortably while working with the grease gun. You may use the gun for long hours without feeling fatigued. Moreover, there is a shoulder strap loop advantageous for all users. The on-board hose is easy to store, and you can avoid a mess.
  • Performance– The cordless grease gun turns out high pressure and ensures high productivity. You can find better run-time and pressure level than other standard grease guns. The system’s PSI level is about 8000, and it can dispense grease of up to 7 cartridges per battery charge. The cartridge capacity is about 14oz. and the flow rate is 2.6 oz. per min.
  • Overload protection
  • Better priming mechanism with an air bleeder valve
  • LED integrated into the system
  • None

You can use the tool for heavy-duty applications. Milwaukee has designed a highly versatile tool at a reasonable price.

9. Alemite 596-B1 20-Volt Cordless Grease Gun Kit – Best for ergonomic design

Alemite 596-B1 20-Volt Cordless Grease Gun Kit - Best for ergonomic design

We have chosen another grease gun kit with a 20V battery. Although it has a simple look, it provides you with a high functional value. One of the most notable things is that it has more than a one-speed option. Thus, the flow rate of the grease gun is adjustable. Check to know the price.


  • Design- Alemite has made a thoughtful design for its grease gun kit. As it is a comprehensive kit, you will get everything you need for greasing your vehicle. The package includes a multifunctional LCD, which gives you detailed information about the grease level, grease meter and battery capacity.
  • Performance- The 10000 PSI model is a perfect choice for most automobile maintenance professionals. The speed rate is adjustable from 4 to 6oz per minute. With high-quality Li-ion batteries, you can operate the system. The premium quality Li-ion batteries ensure the consistent performance of the grease gun.
  • Ergonomic model
  • LCD with useful information
  • Multiple speed options
  • Problem with the battery charger

Overall, we are pleased with the grease gun design. Moreover, the grease gun kit is available with a sturdy case. You will find it easy to store your tools.

Guide to buy the best-rated grease gun

We have reviewed the best grease guns on the market, and you can check their features to find the right pick. However, before searching for a quality grease gun, you have to learn about the available types.

Types of grease guns

  • Pneumatic grease gun

Known as air-operated grease guns, they are technologically advanced tools. You can use them for applying grease to mechanical parts easily. The air-operated models are the unique ones of all the available grease gun systems. You can use its pressure to push the oil into your mechanical components. 

As the mechanized air pressure gets into the tool with this technique, pneumatic grease guns are also known as automatic systems. You do not need any manual effort to do it. Thus, you can save energy while using this system.

While using the best pneumatic grease gun, the compressor helps deliver highly pressurized air using a hose. The hose remains fitted to the tool body. It enables the grease to come out of the outlet and tool nozzle.

The compressor achieves the air pressure, which is higher than the amount of air produced by the hand pump-type tool. That is why it is easy to apply the grease easily. However, you have to be careful while dealing with the air-operated tools. These pneumatic devices can cause damage to a component. Moreover, improper usage may result in an injury.

  • Manually operated grease guns

When you are looking for grease guns with simple operation, you can choose the best manual grease gun. You do not need to connect the system to other units, like a compressor. We also call it the best lever grease gun, and we have to squeeze the handle to control the lubricant flow through the nozzle.

When we apply force through a handle, it indicates the pressure level and the speed of pumping the grease to your mechanical system. The optimal pressure is achievable with force.

  • Hand pump grease gun

It has lots of similarities to the manual grease gun. You do not need to make any physical input on your tool’s piston and lever. The additional trigger system helps in the overall operation to get the grease flow. That is why you can call this model a pistol-type grease gun. You need to pull the trigger and release the pressure. You will notice a higher force buildup with this tool.

  • Battery operated best electric grease guns.

When you are looking for a portable and easy-to-use grease gun, you can choose this model. The grease gun relies on the battery to continue its operation. The on-board batteries are the source of power, and they help in generating pressure. You can find the best product from our battery grease gun reviews.

Grease gun- Learn about its Anatomy

Before dealing with a grease gun, you have to learn about each of its functional parts.  By identifying these parts, you will find it easy to operate the system.

  • Lever– It is useful to manually configure the grease gun to hand-pump the grease to the barrel’s hose. 
  • Handle and trigger– These parts are also useful for the grease gun configurations, and they work in a way similar to that of a lever.
  • Grease tube– It is a cartridge, which is easily replaceable after the depletion of the grease.
  • Barrel– A barrel is one of the grease gun’s structural parts, including the grease or the tube.
  • Fixed tube– It is a hose with a rigid structure. You can interchange it with another hose with a stable position.
  • Plunger– It provides pressure consistent to the backside of your grease tube.
  • Follower handle– This part provides a good grip while dragging the rod before adding another new grease tube.
  • Follower rod– It includes a plunger rod, piston rod, and barrel rod. The plunger rod enables the plunger to abide by a consistent path. It pulls the spring before using a new tube.
  • Spring- It gives stress onto your plunger.
  • Air-release nipple– While you have added grease to your gun and pumped it into your head, it helps with air escape.
  • Filler nipple– It refers to the injection spot to manage grease from the pump.
  • The grease gun head– It includes valves and pathways, helping you to pump the grease. The grease moves from the barrel to reach the hose.
  • Hydraulic coupler– It acts as a connector holding the hose fitted to the gun head.

Grease gun- Tips of using it rightly

  • When you re-lubricate your bearings, you have to ensure the right amount of grease. Based on your chosen grease gun, you need to know about the calibrated grease delivery volume.
  • Every bearing has a relief port. You have to apply the vent plug to remove the old grease. It will minimize the risk of having a high-pressure level on your bearing.
  • Be highly cautious while loading new grease onto your gun. There is a chance of having contaminants in it. While using the cartridge, you must remove the metal lid to ensure no contamination of metal slivers with the grease.
  • There must be clear markings on the grease gun, and you can easily find the grease to be charged. Never use grease that is not compatible.
  • Remove the dirt from your grease fitting before fitting the gun. Moreover, you have to check the damaged fittings and inspect them. You must use the right grease-fitting caps and clean them regularly. Still, you should clean your fittings before using grease.
  • The grease gun has a dispensing nozzle, which must be clean before every use. Moreover, you can pump out some amount using the nozzle. Use a rag to clean the nozzle and then attach it to your fittings. 
  • You have to apply the right grease to the grease point. While it is not a perfect grease, you will have incompatibility issues. Ultimately, the bearing will not work. It is essential to identify your lubrication points and then apply the grease. You can do it with paint markers and colored labels.
  • The regular calibration of grease guns is important for the perfect delivery volume.
  • You must store the grease guns in an unpressurized condition. Make sure that the place is clean and dry. It is safe to place the gun horizontally to prevent the oil from coming out of the system. Some grease guns have clamps for easy storage.

Using the grease gun for lubrication- Avoid risks to your machine.

  • Managing the grease gun with high pressure

Some manually operated grease guns have a pressure level ranging from 2000 PSI to 15000 PSI. The application of a high greasing pressure affects your bearing seals. In most cases, seals can withstand pressure, not more than 500 PSI. The high pressure from the best automotive grease gun results in defective bearing seals and bearing shields. You may also find grease accessing your electric motor windings. Thus, there will be different environmental and safety issues.

  • Frequency of re-greasing your machine

It is important to maintain the right frequency level while managing the task of re-greasing. You can ensure the optimal condition of your system. When it is about a higher frequency, you will find the signs of lubricant starvation. In due course, you will notice grease contamination, friction, and other problems.

  • Undergreasing and over greasing

How much grease should you apply to your machine? A very high and low amount of grease is not good for your machine’s health. Symptoms indicating the risk of over greasing are-

  • Motor windings
    • Damaged seals
    • Fluid friction
    • Environmental problems
    • High heat generation
    • High energy consumption

Undergreasing symptoms are-

  • Increased contamination level
    • Friction wear

How do you measure the output?

Vehicle and machine maintenance professionals need to deal with grease guns of different models. Without the right knowledge and skills, they can cause some grease-related issues and cross-contamination. They must know about the right amount of output per stroke for every grease gun. You can find a difference in the amount of grease output. The output can range from 0.5 to 3 grams. The grease gun’s model, age, and type are the major factors causing the difference.

You can avoid problems by calculating how much grease comes out of the fun for every stroke. Moreover, to accomplish it, you have to choose the calibrated scale.

Things to check before buying the best grease gun

  • Is the grease gun ergonomic?

Make sure that you can grip the grease gun comfortably. Most of the users like to use the battery-operated device for greasing their machines. However, NiCad batteries will add weight to your grease gun. You know that the grease gun has its weight, and it may not make your hands feel fatigued.

You need to grip the gun comfortably without feeling the strain on your arm. Some grease guns have to be placed on the flat surface during the operation.

  • Quality and type of batteries

When you buy the top-rated grease gun, you have to focus on these factors. Nowadays, most manufacturers use Li-ion batteries for their grease guns, as they provide you with good energy output. Li-ion batteries will stay consistent when you are using your gun.

On the contrary, while using the NiCad batteries, you will notice a steady decline in energy. Moreover, Li-ion batteries have a longer lifespan and no memory effect. NiCad batteries have many limitations.

  • Know the output

You have to identify the rate of dispensing the grease. You do not need a high flow rate in every application. There are some cordless models delivering grease at a fast rate. They can damage your seal. That is why you can look for models with slower output and large capacity. The output can be between 2 and 10 oz per minute.

  • Lube meter

The term lube meter indicates how much grease will go to every point. This feature is highly relevant to cordless grease gun buyers. The high amount of lubricant wastes grease and damages lubricant. To avoid costly damages, you have to check the lube meter.

  • PSI level

The best grease gun has the potential to manage clogged fittings. In some cases, old grease, dirt, concrete, and debris clog these fittings. When the grease cannot penetrate the clogging, you may need to replace the fitting. The PSI level of the standard battery-operated grease gun can be from 4,500 to 10,000.

  • LED light

Nowadays, most modern grease guns have LEDs. In most cases, we need to apply grease to the underside of the large equipment and vehicle. That is why LEDs in grease guns have a high functional value. It is much challenging to deal with the grease in dim light conditions. Thus, you can search for battery-operated grease guns equipped with LEDs. Upgrade your old grease gun with a modern version.

  • Run time

It is about the number of cartridges of grease dispensed by the gun before its battery dies. For instance, you may need to grease a system with multiple points requiring a high amount of grease. You do not like to reload and recharge your gun. Cartridge output can range from 2 to 20 based on your job type and brand.

  • Know about the grease delivery method

While using your grease gun, you can find different grease delivery methods. By cranking up the lever, you may push through the grease with the generated pressure. You can do it with your hand-operated grease guns, which have a portable, hand-held model.

There are 2 categories of hand-operated grease guns. One of them is the traditional grease gun, which relies on the lever for the pressure buildup.

To deal with the hard-to-reach sites, you may choose the pistol grip of your grease gun. However, cheap cordless grease guns have a highly portable design, and they need constant recharging to retain the energy.

Pneumatic grease guns are best for commercial jobs, and they can push the grease effectively. But, while applied on the lightweight moving parts, they can tear the bearings.

  • Loading method

By using the suction method and the cartridge, you can load the grease gun. Cartridge loading refers to loading the gun, and it is the easiest option available for you. There is no risk of blending the new grease with the old one by choosing this loading process. On the contrary, the suction loading method can create a mess and it the cheaper choice for you.

  • Check the nozzle

What type of nozzle is perfect to deliver grease? Grease guns are available with nozzles of two different types. The straight nozzles have varying lengths, and thus, you have to check them thoroughly. However, when you need to deal with tight spaces, you can use the flexible nozzle.

  • Barrel size

Based on buying the grease gun, you need to choose the barrel size wisely as it will matter while pouring a high amount of grease within a concise period. The bigger grease guns have bigger barrel sizes. When it is about any specialty applications, you can choose a smaller barrel.

  • Cartridge capacity

When you use a grease gun for industrial applications, you can accomplish your greasing task without frequent refilling. Thus, you have to choose a cartridge of a higher capacity (14oz).


What are grease guns?

These are some simple devices intended for the lubrication of moving parts. You will find grease guns of different levers, like an air-operated, manual, pistol grip, and cordless. You can find these grease guns in multiple sizes, including large and small ones.

Should I apply special grease for the grease gun?

It is not necessary in every case. Some brands mention the particular type of lubricant that you need to use with your grease gun. However, the most important thing to ensure is that the grease is of high quality. To protect your vehicles’ mechanical parts and other systems, you must look for the best quality grease gun.
Moreover, you must ensure that you have not blended two types of greases. Some of us like to pour new grease while the old grease is still there. It can damage your grease in the future. Thus, before putting the new lubricant, you have to clean the container properly.

Why should I use a grease gun?

By using a grease gun, you will get several benefits-

Prevent waste- Proper lubrication helps in maintaining a machine and vehicle. A grease gun has an innovative delivery system to manage your lube, oil, and grease. You can easily measure the amount of grease dispensed for every stroke. Thus, it will be easy for you to prevent the overflow of oil.

Increase your system’s longevity-
One of the major benefits of lubrication is that your vehicle parts will last long. They can work smoothly and serve you for several years. Both professional mechanics and hobbyists will get value from using the gun.

Ensure a better saturation level- There are some delivery systems spraying grease and oil into your component. The grease gun enables you to control the grease flow precisely. You can saturate a part properly.

Find high speed and accuracy- A quality grease gun helps you apply the grease to the right place. As you like to save time, you can choose this tool. The simple tool helps in greasing the underside of your vehicle. To accomplish this task faster, you may choose grease than a delivery system.

Save money- Due to your grease gun’s high accuracy, they can save time on greasing activities. The lubricated parts of your vehicle will last long.

How do you add power to your grease gun?

The battery-operated and electrically-operated grease guns can push the grease out of the system with a special mechanism. Using the pneumatic release, you can send the compressed air through your grease gun and its hoses.

What amount of grease should be emitted from the grease gun?

Your gun size is one of the most important factors to determine it. However, the standard range of output can range from 0.5 to 3 grams. It is essential to measure the output range. Moreover, you can calculate the grease gun’s output range, as it helps in maintaining consistency. On the calibrated scale, you may measure it with 10 strokes of grease. You need to divide this number by 10, and you will get the output per stroke.

How do you load the grease gun?

When you use a grease gun reservoir, you can separate the head part from its barrel and then fill it rightly. You need to see how it works. While using the cartridge gun, you have to remove the cartridge and take the nozzle rod out of the barrel. You can then place your cartridge in a barrel to test its functioning.

How does a grease gun work?

Before clarifying how this tool works, we need to answer another question- Why do we call it a grease gun. The basic mechanism and shape of the tool are similar to that of a gun.

The grease gun has a barrel and a nozzle, and you can operate it with a lever. But it looks like a big trigger. The modern automated models have a smaller lever.

The most common features of a grease gun are hoses and triggers. Although there are different grease guns, you cannot find a difference in the look.

Where should I use the grease gun?

The use of a grease gun helps in the lubrication of mechanical parts. This innovative tool ensures better precision, proper flow control, and the right amount of pressure.

You may apply it to the parts that are not easily accessible. It is better to use the gun for non-sealed bearings that need regular lubrication. The industry-standard grease guns are useful for maintaining-

Agricultural tools and vehicles
Landscaping and gardening devices, like chainsaws and lawnmowers
Processing systems

You can find several other applications of the grease gun for your mechanical systems.


Have you decided to buy the best grease gun? We have provided you with a comprehensive guide on choosing the best pneumatic and cordless grease gun reviews. There are different brands manufacturing grease guns of innovative models. From our detailed review, you can easily find the right product for your needs.

Regular lubrication will help you to maintain the performance of your vehicles and other mechanical parts. We have briefly outlined the major features of every product. You need to check the grease gun type, hose length, cartridge capacity, and other details.

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