Top 5 Best Electric Nail Guns 2021 – Handpicked to suit every need

best electric nail guns

Power tools have taken over the world by storm! The speed, precision, and efficiency are unmatchable compared to old-school tools. Can you imagine still taking a couple of swings with a hammer or mallet to drive a nail? Crazy how fast technology advances!

Electric nail guns of all types are readily available in the market. They increase productivity ten folds while reducing the effort to almost nothing. And it is not just for professionals spending a significant part of the day driving nails at their work! Electric nail guns are quite a nifty tool for DIY projects, building furniture, professional carpenters, and even for the occasional housework where you need to drive in a nail or two for utilities.

With a horde of varieties that serve different purposes better, there is a whole range of various electric nail guns to choose from in today’s market. You can quickly go wrong while selecting the correct power tools. So, how do you shortlist and decide on the best electric nailer?

Depending on how frequently you will use one and for what purpose, one nail gun might suit you better than another. We know how confusing it can be to make a well-informed choice in these matters. To help you in your quest to find the best electric nailer, we have rounded up the five best electric nail guns you can buy today!

Quick Glance: Top 5 Electric Nail Guns Comparison

There are hundreds of different varieties of electric nail guns available in the market to choose from. We have shortlisted the top 5 we feel are best suited for multi-purpose use. We have tried to review these five to help you make a well-informed choice before buying one. You can go through the features and specifications and our pointers on these best all-around nail guns and see which suits your use best.

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WEN 61721 – Best Electric Brad Nailer

best electric brad nailer

Whether you are a professional looking for an all-purpose nail gun for everyday use or an occasional user indulging in a DIY project–the WEN 61721 is a perfect balance of power and comfort. This comfortable yet nifty brad nailer is a great tool to add to your inventory. It is incredibly economical, gets the job done efficiently, and is quite a worthwhile investment. This brad nailer can make you forget the existence of a hammer in your life!

The WEN 61721 shoots 18-gauge brads, which range from lengths of 3/8 up to 2 inches. Geared with a spring-loaded magazine and a capacity of 106 nails for easy and quick reloads – this nail gun is relatively easy to use and works smoothly. This brad nailer operates at a pressure ranging from 60 PSI to 115 PSI, and the per-nail air consumption rate is 0.028 CFM @ 88 PSI.

A depth adjustment wheel attached on-board lets you regulate the firing depth of the nailer. You can turn this adjustment wheel to choose how deep you want the nail gun to fire the brad nails. The handle sports a comfortable rubber grip, and the overall design is extremely lightweight at 2.7 LBS. This makes using this electric nail gun convenient and hassle-free.

The ¼” NPT air inlet hooks up to any compressor and air hose as per your choice or need, which is another prominent feature. The exhaust in the WEN 61721 is an adjustable port where you can adjust or change the exhaust air’s direction by rotating the port. Another notable feature in this handy nail gun is the transparent window for nail gauge that lets you monitor the magazine and keep them notified if they are running low. A nose latch ensures that cleaning any jammed nails becomes quick and hassle-free.

Overall, the WEN 61721 serves its purpose efficiently and smoothly. It can be quite an addition to your tool kit at a pocket-friendly price. It is affordable for everyone and is definitely one of the best electric nail guns available out there in the market presently.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Adjustable Exhaust Port
  • Quick Jam-Release
  • No Safety cap or tip

NuMax SFR2190 – Best Electric Nail Gun for Framing

This framing nailer is quite a powerful and versatile addition to this list. Whether you are in a profession where nail guns find heavy use or whether you are looking to fix things at home–the NuMax SFR2190 can be the one-stop-solution to stop being ‘hammered’ about choices! This nail gun is a beast for framing and one of the best electric nail guns for fencing, sheathing, decking roof, or installing subfloors.

This nail gun works with 10-12 gauges, 21-degree full round-headed framing nails between 2 and 3.5 inches. A pull-back pusher installed onto the nailer aids in easy reload when the tool reaches its threshold of anti-dry-firing. The design reduces the damage dealt with by the internal components of the gun immensely. It also helps increase the nail gun’s longevity and efficiency to a great extent—the recommended minimum air delivery SCFM @90PSI:2.4.

The NuMax SFR2190 sports a very trendy, ergonomic, and lightweight magnesium body that makes it very easy to operate and comfortable to use for every purpose. The one-piece drive blade attached to the nailer is also quite a smart addition, as it extends the durability of the tool significantly. A dual-mode trigger comes inbuilt, which helps you switch between a single shot or quick-firing options with ease, and the well-designed handle enables you to maintain a comfortable and painless grip even during long hours of use.

This nail gun comes with a No Mar safety cap, which is a significant feature as it reduces the damage dealt with the working surface immensely and makes it versatile for use on different surfaces. A 360-degree rotating knob on the tool helps control the direction of exhaust airflow. You can easily turn this around to fix the exhaust direction. An air connector comes bundled with the tool-kit that you can easily attach to any compressor.

The overall build quality of the tool is extremely lightweight but durable. This nail gun can be a superb choice in the long run. The NuMax SFR2190 is quite a power-packed machine that does a commendable job. And priced so reasonably, it is definitely one of the best versatile nail guns out there!

  • Dual firing mode
  • No-Mar Safety Cap
  • Adjustable exhaust direction
  • Build is lightweight but not sturdy

NuMax SFN64 – Best Electric Finish Nailer

NuMax SFN64 - Best Electric Finish Nailer

The NuMax SFN64 proves the validity of the saying: ‘Best things come in small packages.’ This lightweight and easy-to-operate nail gun can be a compelling and versatile addition to your tool kit. Be it a daily contractor, a DIY enthusiast, or a man of the house getting those occasional handiwork done. This electric nail gun is not only a versatile but an essential tool at that.

This electric nailer shoots 16-gauge nails ranging between lengths of 1-2.5 inches, and the magazine can hold 100 finish nails at a time, making it easier for longer uses without worrying about reloads. Operating at 70-110 PSI, this powerful nail gun is well-designed with a hardened steel one-piece drive blade for increased durability and rubber O-rings for reduced wear and tear.

The design is lightweight yet sturdy owing to the aluminum body and cylinder chassis. An ergonomic handle designed for enhanced grip comfort and anti-vibration ensures you can use the tool for longer hours with no hassle. A tool-free depth adjustment knob helps you choose the firing depth as per your need, and you can customize sequential fire to get your job done with speed and precision! Nail jamming is a common hiccup while using nail guns, but the NuMax SFN64 features a quick jam-release latch that lets you quickly access and helps clear the jam in a jiffy. An anti-dust cap feature also ensures the internal parts remain clean and reduces your hassle of taking the tool apart.

A pre-installed ¼ inch NPT fitting comes attached to the nail gun, which can easily connect to any air hose or compressor without having to worry about buying an extra fitting for your nail gun. Another interesting feature that this nail gun boasts of is a No Mar safety tip, which increases precision and accuracy and reduces the damage dealt with the working surface immensely. This makes it a very convenient tool to use on several surfaces with ease.

The NuMax SFN64 is quite an impressive and productive tool and can easily be one of your favorite essentials because of its versatility. It serves multiple purposes and packs attractive features; it is quite a nifty tool to add to your inventory. Not only is this a great finish nailer, but it can also easily be one of the best electric nail guns for crown molding, trim, window casings, installments, and other uses.

  • Versatile use
  • No-Mar safety cap
  • Good build and design
  • Durability

BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer (N66C) – Best Electric Nail Gun for Hardie Siding

BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer (N66C) - Best Electric Nail Gun for Hardie Siding

The BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer is one of the most effective siding nailers you can lay your hands on. This nail gun is a lightweight, power-packed, and ergonomically engineered tool that not only does its job amazingly but does so with ease. Irrespective of whether you are a professional contractor or looking to buy a nail gun for some occasional odd jobs, this might be a fruitful investment for you.

This electric nail gun by BOSTITCH drives plastic inserted coil nails and wire weld nails between the lengths of 1 ¼ – 2 ½ inches. The sturdy aluminum fastener increases the tool’s durability, and this nail gun holds a huge magazine capacity of 300. The operating pressure measures at 70-120 PSI, and an air inlet of 0.25″ enable you to easily connect it to an air hose or compressor. They incorporate a soft rubber foot padding to absorb shock and reduce the damage induced while working with the nail gun.

This nail gun also features an adjustable knob to set the desired firing depth for the nails. You can choose how deep the nails will go based on the surface you are working on. Along with it, they attach another adjustable knob, which lets you alter the airflow direction from the exhaust. It is a 360-degree rotating knob you can adjust to channel the exhaust air away from you. This nail gun shows good engineering, and the design ensures comfort even for long-term use.

Overall, the precision, power, and productivity of this electric nail gun are commendable. It is an excellent addition to your inventory if you are looking for a siding nail gun. This siding nailer from BOSTITCH might not be the best electric nail gun for Hardie siding, but it surely is a good buy given its efficiency and features that make it quite a catch.

  • Durable
  • High Magazine Capacity
  • Padding for damage reduction
  • Bulky

Neu Master NTC0060 – Best Nail Gun for DIY Projects

Neu Master NTC0060 - Best Nail Gun for DIY Projects

The Neu Master NTC0060 is undoubtedly the best electric nail gun for DIY projects owing to its user-friendly features and comfortably designed aesthetics. This is essentially a two-in-one nailer that acts both as an electric nail gun and a staple gun, making it quite a versatile piece of equipment. It has a two-handed operational interface, increasing its stability and providing a boost of strength while nailing.

The NTC0060 uses 5/8 inch brad nails and 3/8 inch staple nails with no compressor required for usage. It works on a minimum input of 110v and comes with a power switch to turn it on or off, thus preventing accidental drills or damage. The handle comes with an over-molded soft grip for comfortable usage, even for longer periods. The body built of extremely lightweight plastic adds to the ease of use and significantly reduces worker fatigue.

This electric nailer comes inbuilt with a high/low power feature to let users customize accordingly to match the output force. A quick-release mechanism also comes pre-installed to make it even more user-friendly. Amongst other features, there’s also a clear panel to view the nails in the magazine so that users can prepare beforehand when they are running low, and an over-sized trigger mount on the gun makes it easy to use.

These nifty features make the NTC0060 quite a catch for its price. It is one of the best all-around nail gun and comes in handy for multi-purpose use. You can use this nail gun as a stapler for ceiling tile installations or carpet installations, and it also serves as one of the best electric nail gun for trim, shelving, or other various DIY projects.

  • Versatile use
  • Features and aesthetics
  • Power high/low feature
  • Needs a minimum of 110v power source

Buying Guide – How to Pick the Right Electric Nail Gun

As you can gauge from this shortlist, various kinds and varieties of electric nail guns are available in the market, all serving their specific purpose. If you know what kind of electric nail gun you need already, that is great! The reviews might have helped you make a better choice. Those who do not know how to choose the right nail gun for their needs, read ahead.

What jobs am I looking to use it for?

To choose the best electric nailer, try to figure out what you will use it for. Do you need it for your profession where you need a durable nailer for everyday jobs? Or are you looking for that occasional fixing and repairing work at home? Or do you want to try all the DIY projects you have planned for long? Understanding your need will help you shortlist the perfect electric nail gun for your need.

Accessibility to a Power Outlet

A crucial aspect while choosing an electric nail gun is if you want to go for a corded one or a cordless one, depending on what best suits your working scenario. You must have access to a power outlet for corded nailers at all times within the cord length distance for the electric nail gun to work. A cordless one will suit you more if you do not have constant access to a power source. Corded nail guns usually last longer and are much more durable.

Size and Comfort

Some electric nail guns are bulky, overweight, and extremely tiring to use for longer or even for short durations. Being lightweight, having a proper, comfortable grip, having a lighter build material, and ergonomically engineered designs–all aid to the efficiency and productivity in using a nail gun, be it for regular use or occasional. Choosing the right size and ensuring the nail gun is comfortable to use is extremely important to make sure you invested wisely.


Many electric nail guns do the same things and come built-in with the same features, but the two might have drastically different pricing. Many brands might have a higher selling price, but one might argue they have much more brand value–but this entire discussion is extremely subjective.

Reading up well enough, ensuring the brand you are investing in has decent customer feedback and ensuring you’re paying the product’s right price. Not overpaying is quite critical for buying power tools like these.

Make sure you read proper reviews so that you can make a well-informed choice.


Should I choose a Corded or Cordless nail gun?

This depends on the availability of a power source in the work area. You have to plug in a corded nailer to a power source at all times, whereas you can carry the cordless one around anywhere. If you do not have constant access to a power source, go for the cordless variant.

Are electrical nail guns better than air-powered nail guns?

Electrical nail guns do have some prominent advantages over air-powered variants. They are way more convenient to use, quick to set up, and you do not need to carry around a hose or compressor everywhere.

What is the primary difference between brad nail guns and finish nailers?

The most noticeable difference between the two is the gauge of nails they primarily use. A brad nailer drives only 18 gauge nails, whereas a finish nailer drives 15 or 16 gauge nails. We often confuse both as they find similar uses in terms of crafts or moldings.

Verdict – Choosing the Best Electric Nail Gun

We have tried our best to shortlist the top 5 best electric nailers based on various aspects and features. Hopefully, these insights have helped you fixate on your requirements and have guided you in choosing the right electric nail gun to serve your purpose. All the above pointers are there as a reference to help you buy the right product based on your budget and job at hand. These electric nail guns are all comparable to each other in terms of efficiency and productivity. These are most versatile and come packed with many nifty features that make them ideal choices for use at home or at the workplace.

Electric nail guns are gaining popularity immensely, and it is just a side of the technological advancements in society. That was once tedious work is today seamless and effortless, thanks to an enormous variety of corded and cordless electric nail guns that run on a battery or power source. The cordless ones have ease of access, and you can carry them. However, the power-run nail guns are more powerful and durable.

So, whether you are looking for the best electric nail gun for baseboards or the best electric nail gun for woodworking – hopefully, this review has helped you reach a conclusion. If you need to buy an electric nailer for shelving, installations, construction works, or DIY projects, go through our hand-picked pointers to make a well-informed choice.

Hope you liked our electric nailer gun reviews. What do you think is the most balanced electric nail gun amongst our picks?

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